A Quick Guide to Handmade Italian Dinnerware

The artistry of handmade Italian dinnerware explained

Selecting the perfect dinnerware set requires careful consideration. With so many options in terms of brands, designs, and materials, and considering the cost involved, the task can be daunting.
If one of the options you are considering is purchasing hand-painted Italian dinner plates, I can definitely give you the lowdown.

A table set with the Raffaellesco Blu dinnerware by L'Antica Deruta. Handmade in Deruta, Italy

The craftsmanship unveiled: how is Italian dinnerware made

Italian dinnerware sets are usually crafted from ceramic, a word that comes from the Greek term “keramos,” which means “clay.” Ceramic covers a range of materials, including porcelain and pottery. Most Italian dinnerware is made from earthenware fired at temperatures around 1800°F to 2100°F. This tradition goes way back – there’s evidence of earthenware pieces dating back to 1400-1200 BC.

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