I won an awesome piece of antique Tuscan pottery!!!

Tuscan ceramics - Arlecchino wall plate from Montelupo I still cannot believe it’s mine. But it’s here, on MY desk, in MY studio. It’s a real, authentic Arlecchino from Montelupo and a most beautiful one. A splendid piece of Tuscan ceramics, indeed.

There is this tiny Auction House not far from my place. I like to go there and have a look when they exhibit their pieces prior to an auction. I always find some little treasures buried among old furs and very expensive antique paintings.

Last time I went there I could not believe my eyes. The Arlecchino grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let it go. I HAD to try and place a bid, although I didn’t really hope I would be able to get it. I did instead!

I love Tuscan ceramics. They are so colorful, warm, “sunny” in a way.Tuscan ceramics - Arlecchino wall plate from Montelupo - Detail
I didn’t own antique pieces, though. It’s great to start with an Arlecchino.

As it happens, I recently wrote an article on the Arlecchini from Montelupo and their role in the history of Tuscan pottery. It brought me good luck.
I will think very carefully about my next subject for an article. Who knows what might happen…

5 thoughts on “I won an awesome piece of antique Tuscan pottery!!!

  1. I have a vase that states on the bottom DERVTA _ ITALY V.107/30 It is trimmed in gold, small mouth with wide band, it has 2 side handles. The picture on one side is of a greek/roman young woman playing a harp on the other side is a youne grrk/roman man with a spear in one hand and in the other he is holding a ring with 5 fish on it. I am trying to find out the prigin and more infomration about the piece. It appears to tell a story but I have no idea of what. Please send any infomration that you might have on putting me in a direction I could get more infomration on. Thank you

  2. I can relate to your excitement as I have just bid for and won a PAIR of the said dishes/plates on a little known internet auction site..One of mine has a “soldier” and the other a “peasant woman” dipicted on them. I wonder if it`s possible to see a pic of the back of your plate please, which, by the way is awesome? :-)There are`nt too many pics of other plates to view online, other than yours I`ve found two, one of which is in the V&A, London.. Thankyou for posting up the pic of yours. We are very lucky I think.

  3. Hi again !
    I dont think you ever answered my question but its ok.
    I found out that I have a original Arlecchino from Montelupo like you do and I feel so lucky and happy. It is a real treasure and just like you I can t believe I have it. I dont know how much something like this would cost but I payed 15 dollars for mine. Can you believe that ? a real bargain 🙂 and its just beautiful.

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