Hey! That’s us!!! Look what they say about our Italian ceramics site.

We were just running an exciting tour over the Internet to find out how fast our popularity is improving when we stumbled upon this comment, posted here on Delicious.

eBay’s real competition — its customers

I have bought a few pieces of Italian ceramics on eBay from a seller named Tiziana. She just launched the phenomenal new website behind this link. If two moms in rural Italy can produce a site of this quality, eBay gets the first sale only. Big trouble.
Posted on Oct 02 2007

Now – this comment is encouraging per se, all the more so as it is written by the CEO of a $100 millions website, www.alibris.com, the leading global supplier of rare, used, and hard-to-find books.

He made our day or, I’d better say our whole month. We’ve just started and this is the best encouragement we could hope for.

Thanks Marty. Keep on following our progress, please. We’ll do our best to deserve your consideration.


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