Graziano Carotti – Friday, 17th

Dec. 17, 2010 – Feb. 7th, 2011
Montefalco – Italy

Italian Ceramics - Graziano Carotti - "Venerdì 17"Graziano Carotti’s works have the subtle power to provoke or to astonish. They never let you go by without an afterthought.

His terracotta figures seduce you with their formal simplicity, their softly realistic clothes and their  deceptive sweetness. But their soul is elusive and mysterious.

Lost in their inner world, Carotti’s figures seem to be concentrating on finding the answer to vital questions. Which makes you wonder, of course, on the nature of their questions…

The artist’s shapes terracotta in a sublime way: in his hands it changes its nature to become wool, fur and silk that his figures gracefully wear.

When I look at Carotti’s sculptures my mind fills with adjectives: surrealistic, beautiful, timeless, softly round, dignified, unseizable, light, silent. Yet, I’m afraid that his characters would be very disappointed if I uttered them. They seem to be very at ease in their dreamlike silence. In a world that never stops shouting this is a real provocation!

Graziano Carotti was born in Cremona in 1946. After his graduation from the Academy in Venezia, he worked as a restorer of antique paintings, a puppeteer, an actor, a set designer. 

Palazzo Bontadosi  Art Gallery
Piazza del Comune 19, Montefalco
Ph. 0742-379357

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