A Monumental Ceramic Art Panel: Canto alla Luna

Impruneta (Florence) – Italy

Italian Ceramics - “Canto alla luna”, polychrome glazed terracotta (cm. 280x200) by Santo Tomiano and Sergio Ricceri - Photo credits: www.cantoallaluna.comAn impressive number of combinations makes this work as unique as Art can be.
First, the combination of modern taste and the technique invented by Luca Della Robbia during the Renaissance. His revolutionary mixture of minerals was used to glaze large terracotta sculptures and panels and make them almost eternal. A breakthrough in the artistic production of the Renaissance pottery and a much welcomed revival today.

Then there is the combination of the creative talent of a painter called Santo Tomaino with the technical experience of a ceramicist, Sergio Ricceri. Tomaino is from Turin, Ricceri is from Impruneta, Tuscany, the district where terracotta has always been the material of arts and crafts. The actual work stems from their combined skills. It took them ten months to achieve the result they wanted for their monumental panel, 9 ft x 6.5 ft, 1320 lbs, made of 8 large modules.

Finally, the combination of a material as old as the world and the idea of Enzo Fornari, the honorary President of PresentArt – a recently founded Sino-Italian Art association – who inspired and sponsored the project. Canto alla Luna (A Song to the Moon) shows a wolf howling to the moon. Both the animal and the moon are positive interacting symbols of hope, knowledge, wise nature and spiritual growth.

The panel will be on display in Impruneta at Parco dei Sassi Neri until the end of May, then it’ll start a long tour all over Italy.
You can see the main steps of its making in this video by Valerio Giovannini.