Bruny Sartori – Italian Art Pottery

March 29 – May 11, 2008
Brescia – Italy

Italian ceramic sculpture by Bruny SartoriSartori’s works are “earthenware ideas”. They have mysterious origins and appear to be completely uninfluenced by his heritage, the artistic traditions of his land, his experiences.

Looking at his ceramic sculptures, the first impression one gets is that they belong to the earth they are made of , so strict is the relationship between the artifact and the material. Just as if time had stopped and the material had become solid.

His organic and abstract shapes, along with his figures are the key characters of Sartori’s creative themes, such as “Meteors” and “Geologic Echos”.

He loves to challenge the gravity: huge sculptures stand on tiny pedestals or support each other in what looks like an impossible task.Italian ceramic sculpture by Bruny Sartori

Bruny Sartori’s works are extremely elaborate. The luster technique, the “ingobbio” and special ceramic glazes are artfully combined to get striking results.

His affinity with the masters of modern sculpture – Medardo Rosso, Arturo Martini, Zadkine o Henry Moore – is well evident in this solo exhibition, which absolutely deserves a visit.

Sartori was born in Veneto, not far from Bassano del Grappa, where ceramic making is a well rooted form of art.

He is also well known for his graphic works, where a rigid color selection – black and white – originally supports the strength of poetry and texts from the works of Ezra Pound, Friedrich Nietzsche, Emily Dickinson, Paul Eluard, Jean Genet, Giacomo Leopardi, Andrea Zanzotto.

Galleria Maurer Zilioli Contemporary Arts
Via Trieste 42 b I – 25121 Brescia
Tel. +39 0331 3311681

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