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Ciao a tutti! Hi there!

If you opened this page and feel like learning more about us, either you love our blog or you hate it…

Since we like the first option better, Umbria countrysidewe officially invite you to spend some time with us. Ideally in our country house in Umbria, under a vine pergola, slowly sipping a cup of Italian coffee or English tea, pending on the mood and the season. Too bad we can’t. We have to stick to the Internet, which is however a wonderful tool to nurture a friendship. That is indeed how, Manuela and I, Tiziana, have been keeping in touch for a very long time.

We became friends a long time ago, when we both lived in Rome. We met thanks to our husbands and click … we liked each other so much that we’ve never stopped talking. When I say talking, I  mean serious subjects such as love, life, motherhood, emotions. She left Rome to go to Prague, then London and Singapore. I spent some time in Brussels, Pescara and Geneva. Our friendship survived all the minor inconveniences and major events we had to face as professionals, women,  mothers and wives (last but not list, eh, eh) . It even survived thatsArte.com! But that is the best part of the story, so I’ll slow down a bit.

After a long diaspora, a couple of years ago Manuela and I came to live at acceptable distance. She moved to Perugia, I moved to Viterbo. Not close enough to meet every week, but still, we could plan to spend some time together pretty often. We were so excited! We decided we must exploit this unexpected gift and do something special together.

Manuela (left) and Tiziana (right) in Caltagirone, SicilyWe both have a lifetime passion for Italian pottery, hence the idea to set up a collection of the ceramic items we liked the most and to start a business overseas, where our Italian artistry is not very well know, but still very much appreciated.

We had a lot of fun together, although I can’t say everything was smooth. Both Manuela and I have a very strong personality and we are very opinionated (I shall say stubborn, to be completely honest). A very hard test for our friendship. Which did survive, as you can see!

Manuela is a very creative soul. Yet she pays a great attention to details. An uncommon quality in creative people, that does wonders for thatsArte.com. We traveled together to choose the items for our selection of Italian pottery and we took more than 10.000 pictures of ceramic items for the site. Manuela edited ALL the ones we feature and in addition she revised all the databases. Now she works on the subjects for the blog articles, she looks for and edits the appropriate images and, as you know if you’ve ever placed an order at thatsArte.com,  she is busy with our Customers’ purchases.

I’m the writer, as you can see, and the “contact” person. Writing in English is very challenging for me, and I’m sure that my texts must sound very weird to native English speakers. But still, I discovered I enjoy writing and as far as people understand what I mean I keep going.

We make all the decisions related to thatsArte together. Yet we manage to spend some time talking about ourselves and, most importantly, to enjoy our kids, our taste for good food and good books.

Thank you for visiting us and enjoy!

Tiziana & Manuela

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11 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Ciao Tiziana e Manuela,
    Solo oggi, girando per internet, mi sono imbattuto nel vostro Itakian Pottery Journal, che non conoscevo. Complimenti. Mi ha fatto molto piacere vedere pubblicata la notizia della mia mostra Stupori, finzioni,ecc. Mi è piaciuto, e vi ringrazio molto.
    Non mancherò di visitarvi, di tanto in tanto, e di mandarvi qualche notizia, come quella imminente di una nuova mostra in un mio spazio nuovo nuovo, fra un paio di settimane. Vi farò sapere. Buon lavoro, Sandro Lorenzini

  2. I have 6 very nice Filippino Lippi Renaissance majolica hand painted plaques. I would like to know who might be interested in these exquisite pieces. If you have any information, please contact me and I can send pictures.

    Thanks you,

    Jeff Hayes

  3. Hello,

    My name is Hallie Richards and I am trying to contact Tiziana, Manuela or both! I am a fine arts student from Los Angeles, California in the U.S.A. I will be graduating this year and I am hoping to be able to travel to Caltigirone, Sicily to study some of the ancient forms of pottery and meet traditional artisans in this area. I am flexible, however, and would love to meet artisans from anywhere that you may suggest. I am writing on this blog because my e-mail would not go through and I write in hope that you may help me to contact artisans/ artists that would be willing to show me their craft and way of life. It seems that you both have a lot of experience with artisans in this region and I am hoping that I may be able to talk with you as well and that you may share your knowledge with me. I hope that you will e-mail me back at HRichard5717@scrippscollege.edu so that I may better explain my project. As an artist I truly respect the work that you do and I thank you for it! Have a nice day.

    -Hallie Richards

  4. I have a 21″ lusterware charger that may have been created by Alfredo Santarelli, or perhaps one of his pupils. The center painting portrays the murder of Julius Caesar. Caesar lies dead or unconscious on a chaise. Anthony stands in front of the chaise with a raised cup, while seven men surround the chaise; one man holds a dagger over Caesar, and three men are toasting Anthony.

    The charger is in perfect condition. The foot ring is beautifully crafted. On the back someone has written “L. R” (no dot after the r), and below that it simply says “Italy”. Do you know if L. R is an abbreviation meaning “in the region”, or could it be the initials of a student of Santarelli?

    I hope you can tell me more about my gorgeous charger. I bought it in Texas in the 90s and eventually put it into storage for safekeeping when my children were young. I have only just brought it out again, hoping the internet would help me learn more about its maker.


  5. Vivo en argentina, aquí nací, soy nieta de italianos, y quedé muy impresionada con esta historia que no conocía, acerca de quien debió haber sido mi antepasado. Mi hermana es artesana, trabaja con vidrio y hace mosaicos, y mucho les agradecería que me informen algo más acerca del arte de Ulises Cantagalli.
    Liliana Cantagalli

  6. Hi. My name is Nicole Kinser. My maiden name is Nicole Riccitiello. This might get jumbled with all the lines, but…My father (Joseph Riccitiello) was married to my mother of course, Lori Grilli. She is the granddaughter of Quirino Grilli, who was the grandson of Clemente Grilli, who was married to a Catrina Cantagalli. Clemente and Caterina lived in Serrone Italy, and their son, Giacinto Grilli, owned a Pottery/Terracotta making shop in the area of Serrone/La Forma italy. My question is…. is it possible at all, that “Caterina Cantagalli” is of the actual “Cantagalli” line? is there any more info on family members? I have hit a road block in my search.

  7. Hello!
    We are Alexander and Tatiana Buzlanov, ceramic-artists from Moscow.
    We have been working in this art for more than twenty years. We have also our ceramic school for adults in the studio.
    We ask you to send us all the information about the different international ceramics events. We and our students will be happy to take part in it.

    Best regards –

    Alexander and Tatiana Buzlanov
    Art-studio “A Dew-drop”

  8. Yes! We have added a widget. Type your email address in the right column and you’ll receive an email when we publish a new article. Thanks, Tiziana

  9. Hello. I have a B&L Gesetzl Gesch majolica duck decanter bottle. I’m told that this is actually a German piece, but wondered if you could help me figure out what it’s worth, and the best way to sell it. It looks to be in perfect condition. If you think you can help me, I can send pictures.
    Thanks so much,

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