Evolution Art Revolution – Italian ceramic genius at work

Italian Ceramics - Evening dress "Nike of Samothrace" - Photo credits: Evolution Art RevolutionWe’ve already told you how /r/evolutionary this event aims to be. Today we’ll tell you more about one of the projects presented in the exhibition Evolution Art Revolution. It’s the innovative combination of fashion and ceramic, both strictly made in Italy.

Here is the story, a truly cute one.

Nicola Boccini is the key character. He is the founder of the CLS (Free Experimental Ceramics Association) and an extremely knowledgeable ceramicist, with a significant technical experience. He is very focused on new processes and techniques that add to the properties of ceramic, thus making it suitable for more functional purposes than the traditional ones. Two years ago he set his mind on finding a way to make a very thin yet hardy ceramic sheet. After many experiments he had what he was looking for. He was not happy, though. He wanted more. He thought there should have been a way to add fluorescence to the sheets, so that they could be more appealing. Some more trials and errors and the product was ready: a 1 millimeter thin, permanently fluorescent ceramic sheet!

"Nike of Samothrace" with Nicola Boccini and Gaia Pace - Credits: Evolution Art RevolutionGaia Pace is the other character of our story. She is a well known fashion designer. She worked in Paris for Christian Dior with Gianfranco Ferré,  managing the embroidery department. Cooperating with François Lesage she learnt that embroidery, far from being an ornament, is instead the soul of a fashion item.

Nicola Boccini’s creative experimentalism made the impossible possible and Gaia Pace’s sophisticated design turned it into fashion: a unique evening dress, its fitted bodice made embroidered with fluorescent ceramic applications.  A tribute to timeless womanhood, inspired by the Nike of Samothrace, the fascinating Greek goddess of victory.

Gaia Pace is thrilled by this new material and she’s anxious to go ahead and design more clothing. She said: “Fluorescent pottery is a huge revolution in fashion design, similar to the introduction of armholes in jackets”.

It’s too early to tell what the end of this wonderful Italian story will be. We’ll keep an eye on its evolution and let you know.

In the meantime let’s compliment Nicola Boccini and Gaia Pace for having dared to open new perspectives to Italian ceramics and Italian fashion!

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  1. I am honored to know Nicola Boccini. Nicola has been my teacher on two separate occasions. Painting at the Scuola d’ Arte, in Deruta, has been one of my most cherished experiences.
    Central Utah, USA

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