Sharing some lovely pictures about Grottaglie

We have recently added to our website a page about Grottaglie, a charming town in Puglia where industrious potters have been making vessels and more or less functional ceramics for many centuries.
Grottaglie pottery is pretty famous here in Italy, especially for the production of the last century, when the functional pottery has been replaced by lovely home décor accents ad and sophisticated dinnerware.
Today we ran into an article published on “La Repubblica”, a national newspaper, with very interesting pictures about Grottaglie and its heritage. Enjoy!
by Tiziana Manzetti 

Grottaglie and its pottery - Credits: "La Repubblica"    Grottaglie and its pottery - Credits: "La Repubblica"

Grottaglie and its pottery - Credits: "La Repubblica"    Grottaglie and its pottery - Credits: "La Repubblica" 

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