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Entirely hand painted and in most cases even handmade, our tiles and tile panels have the unsurpassed quality of high end Italian craftsmanship. They are the ideal ingredient to wow interior design projects: backsplashes & stove tops (AGA), table tops, wall decoration, floor panels, tiled floors, staircases, bespoke and made-to-order projects. Most of our designs can be hand painted on different kinds of tiles or tile sizes. Contact us with your questions and special orders.

Italian Hand Painted Tiles from Francesca Niccacci
Francesca Niccacci’s tiles and panels are a tribute to Italian Renaissance art. Still they can be an unexpected, yet valuable, addition to any decoration style. Completely hand made and painted with only five glazes, artfully mixed according to ancient recipes, her ceramics are among the best Italy has to offer. They are featured in many Museums and Churches all around the world.
Italian Hand Painted Tiles from Eugenio Ricciarelli
Highlighted by a velvety blue background, intricate geometric patterns come to life on Eugenio's hand painted ceramic tiles. Author of many original designs, Eugenio is a well known artist from Deruta.
Italian Hand Painted Tiles from L'Antica Deruta
The secret to the beauty and charm of L’Antica ceramic wall tiles and floor tiles lies in the awesome combination of hand shaped clay and simple yet refined hand painted designs.