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Italian Tiles & Panels > Tiles & Panels > Messina > Ghenos > Classic > Modular tile panel, table top "Triton"

Modular tile panel, table top "Triton" 2,500.00
Modular tile panel, table top "Triton"
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This modular handmade tile panel features an intricate yet delicate Sicilian pattern with golden tritons interlaced with blue and green floral elements.
It measures 47” x 47” and consists of 16 square tiles (7.9”), 8 rectangular tiles (7.9”x15.7”) and 4 corner tiles (7.9”).
This modular tile panel is an ideal floor decoration, set into hardwood or framed by plain tiles to serve as a focal point in any room of the house. Adequately resized it can be a great tile mural and backsplash or stove top panel (AGA panel). Another option is to use the panel as a decorated tile table top, set on a solid wooden or wrought iron base.
If you are looking for a unique ceramic tile floor, you can purchase multiple panels. Email us a plan of the room and its size, we’ll reply with free design ideas, estimate order quantities and costs.
Ghenos is a Sicilian pottery studio in Messina, run by the Scardino brothers, Vincenzo and Enzo. They specialize in archaic, Baroque and istoriato designs from the Sicilian art heritage. Each piece is the result of a thorough historical and stylistic research and painstaking craftsmanship. The quality of their architectural pottery, often set in handmade woodwork, is well known to Italian Interior Designers.
Ghenos ceramic tile panels and tile murals are bespoke and made to order in different sizes to suit any decoration project.

Product availability: 7/8 weeks.
Product information: Tiles made by Ghenos are to be used for decoration purpose only. Tiles for panels, murals and table tops are numbered on the back and run from left to right, top to bottom. Their installation can be a Do-It-Yourself project, although we recommend a professional tile setter. It is not mandatory to grout tiles, unless in a shower application. However, grouting will contribute to the uniformity of the surface.

Additional Information

Product availability
If not in stock, Ghenos' tiles and panels are available in 4/6 weeks.

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