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5 patterns available

The pewter flatware from Marinoni draws inspiration from the Italian pewter making tradition. Stainless steel parts and pewter handles are artfully fused together to create beautifully designed items of uncompromising quality. Shop by place setting or by single items for your fine dining and your everyday table. 

Choose the pewter flatware pattern that suits your taste: you’ll find a full range of options to meet all dining needs.

How to place flatware
All flatware, or silverware, is laid on the table in the exact order of its use. Start on the outside of the place setting and move inward toward the plate:
- knives and spoons are placed on the right side of the place setting, approximately 2 cm /1 inch from the rim of the plate
- forks are placed on the left side of the place setting, approximately 2 cm /1 inch from the rim of the plate
- spoons and fork tines are placed upward; the blades of the knives are turned toward the plate.

Pewter flatware - how to place your setting

Dessert flatware is either placed above the dinner plate in a horizontal position or presented on the dessert plate. If you decide to place them above the dinner plate, this is how they are laid:
- the dessert fork is placed closer to the plate, with the handle on the left
- the dessert spoon, or the dessert knife, is placed above the dessert fork with the handle pointing right

Fish knife and fork are placed respectively on the left and on the right of the plate in the order of use

The butter spreader is laid on the bread and butter plate in on