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24 patterns available

Each dinnerware design we feature comes with a full assortment of dinner plates, pasta plates, dessert plates, chargers, cups, mug and goblet, although for the time being only a few pictures are available. We are slowly completing our stock, so as to provide you with a full set of pictures for each pattern we feature.

Each dinnerware set can be complemented by matching serveware. Kitchenware is only available on request.

We met D&G a few years ago, when they were completely unknown to the large public. Fascinated by their distinctive touch we perceived in each and every pottery piece we saw we decided to introduce them to our Customers. Today they are among our best selling craftsmen!

The unexpected use of a bright pink in a traditional geometric plate, an unusual Turkish element perfectly at ease in an otherwise traditional pattern, the use of a complex technique to mix and match colors which normally cannot be fired together. We found many surprises in D&G wide assortment, be it modern or more classic décor style.

Every piece you will see in D&G pages is exclusively hand painted by Giovanni and Demetra, so their production leadtime is quite long.