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Handmade Italian tiles and panels by Surrena

Each and every aspect of Surrena tiles is  the result of a fascinating research on the local heritage: the selection of the raw materials, the way they get blended and fired, the Etruscan scenes, the Renaissance and  Baroque designs and, last but not least, the hand painting job on the wonderful rough surface of the tiles.



Product availability: Surrena’s tiles are available in 3/5 weeks.
Product information: The Italian ceramic tiles we feature are 1.5 cm/0.59” thick. 
They can be used both as wall tiles and floor tiles, although we recommend the use of thicker tiles on floors. 2.5 cm/1” tile are available at no additional charge.
Surrena makes many different sizes and shapes. Contact us  with your home interior project.

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Know more about Surrena

Handmade Italian terra-cotta tiles and panels by SurrenaSurrena is a small company located in the heart of the ancient Etruria, in central Italy.
It was founded in 1992 by three friends: Enrico, Giorgio, and Roberto. Although they were all working in very different fields, they came together with a shared passion for the ancient pottery of the region.
Simply débuting with terracotta tiles, soon enough they began experimenting with glazes. Accurate research on the historical decorative pottery in Civita Castellana provided them with a large repertoire of original designs, all embodying the spirit of the very best Italian ceramic tiles.


Their wall tiles and floor tiles are really superb. Taking one of them in hand is a sensorial experience. Their rough touch, the glaze unevenness, Hand-painted Italian tiles and panels by Surrenathe clever brush strokes, the heavy weight… all the elements artfully communicate the uniqueness embodied within every single tile. Each one is hand made from scratch, and you can see all the steps of the process in our short video. Be it a panel for your backsplash or the back of your stove, your walls or your floors, we suggest creatively mixing and matching  the plain colored tiles with the decorative ones. Endless combinations are possible, all of them having in common a casual uniqueness and the timeless charm of the best handmade Italian ceramic tiles.