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Tuscan pottery - Handmade ceramics by ND Dolfi

We are really proud to feature a small but significant collection of ND Dolfi’s work.

Natalia and Daria Dolfi are reputed to be among the best contemporary ceramicists is Italy. Their pieces, entirely handmade, artfully blend tradition and innovation.
Over the years the bold colors and the large proportions of ND Dolfi’s pottery have established themselves as the company’s trademark. Today their award-winning vases and bowls with their strong personality and physical relevance are synonymous with creating luxury interior decoration and worldwide known as the ultimate “hand made in Italy” accent for any classic or modern house.


Product availability: if not in stock, ND Dolfi’s pottery is available in 6/8 weeks.
Product information: ND Dolfi’s ceramics are to be used for decoration purpose only.

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Know more about ND Dolfi

Tuscan pottery - ND Dolfi's showroomStarted in 1941 by Giovanni Dolfi, the workshop  was successfully run by his son Silvano Dolfi, a ceramic artist with a strong reputation in Italy and the US. A few years ago Silvano passed away and his artistic legacy is now in the hands of his daughters Daria and Natalia, who have inherited not only his company but his talents too. Actually  all the members of the Dolfi family are ceramic artists or professionals and each of them is personally involved in the production with different roles.


Tuscan pottery - Artist Silvano Dolfi in his workshop

We had the pleasure to meet Silvano a few years ago. A reserved man, he  summarized the Dolfis style in a few, simple words: “ When we design we are inspired by tradition, but our pieces are never reproductions. Montelupo’s tradition, Arab and Spanish ceramics, Mediterranean art are all reviewed and updated according to our own personal way of looking at artistic majolica”. Then he added: “Freehand painting is what sets each piece out from the rest”. And that is what he did all his life: making art works that stand out from the crowd.


Tuscan pottery - Artist Natalia Dolfi

The Dolfis creative talents apply to each aspect of pottery making. The shapes are designed and made in their lab. The finishing of the shapes takes a lot from sculpture: rings, dots, drops, pine scales are patiently hand made and applied when the basic shape is ready. The choice of colours is very particular as well. Metal oxides, earthen material and minerals are wisely mixed to create unique shades of green, yellow, blue and brown – the basic colours of the painter’s palette.