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Handmade Italian pewter by Marinoni Peltro

Marinoni’s pewter tabletop and flatware items are handmade and aged using an exclusive working process that enhances the warm color of the pewter and creates small surface irregularities that make each item really unique.

The dinnerware collections we carry are a combination of ceramic & pewter and glass & pewter. Entirely handcrafted, they perfectly balance tradition and modernity.

Just like any pewter master since the 16th century, Marinoni has been stamping all their products to mark them as an original. Look for the owl and you’ll know you are purchasing a timeless heirloom from one of the most distinguished pewter makers in Italy.

Product availability
: if not in stock, Marinoni’s products are available in 3/4 weeks. 
Product information: all our dinnerware and flatware are food safe, in compliance with FDA regulations.


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Know more about Marinoni

Handmade Italian pewter by Marinoni PeltroAlfredo Marinoni started casting pewter in 1959. During his 10-year apprenticeship in one of the many traditional workshops of the city of Brescia, he grew to love pewter, a metal that is very versatile, lending itself to a variety of ornamental and functional uses.


In 1970 Alfredo started his own company, casting both traditional shapes, steeped in tradition, and his own pewter items, that he personally designed.

Handmade Italian pewter by Marinoni Peltro

Encouraged by the popularity of his creations, over time he put together a catalog including more than 500 products, ranging from tabletop to home décor accents and gifts.


Alfredo developed the idea of applying pewter borders to ceramic plates in1972. It was an instant success. Since then Marinoni has continuously added to their mixed-material collections, which are now a large part of their business thanks to the best-selling Duetto dinnerware, launched in 1999.


With Alfredo’s daughters, Paola and Sara, joining the company, Marinoni has embarked on new, ambitious projects. The focus is still on providing their Customers with the impeccable quality they are used to while designing new, appealing objects that will be the next timeless classics.