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Italian pottery - Handmade centerpiece by L'Antica Deruta

L’Antica Deruta ceramic production is based on three principles: research, quality and culture.

Research and culture drive the selection of the designs: the glorious past of Deruta is a continuous source of inspiration and learnings that the Interior Design dept. of the company uses to create timeless and stylish collections. Quality is in the process: every pottery items signed by L’Antica Deruta is entirely handmade and hand painted using techniques that belong to the local tradition.
We’ve chosen for you some of the pieces we like best from their large collection of ceramic dinnerware sets, decoration accents and tiles.


Product availability: if not in stock, L’Antica Deruta’s pottery is available in 6/8 weeks.
Product information: L’Antica Deruta’s Dinnerware, Serveware and Kitchenware ceramics we present are food safe, in compliance with FDA regulations. The ornamental ceramics and tiles are to be used for decoration purpose only.

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Know more about L'Antica Deruta

Italian ceramics - A tile panel hand-painted by L'Antica DerutaAlviero Moretti was one of the first ceramic makers in Deruta to understand the need to reinterpret traditional shapes and designs to make them suitable to modern lifestyle and artistic sensibility. He founded his company in the 50’s, when Deruta’s economy was in a deep crisis, due to a total lack of creative innovation.   
He selected the most relevant shapes, patterns and production processes of Deruta’s Golden Age (1500-1600) and combined them in new ways, creating simple, more modern pieces.  Then he organized his catalogue in collections, each one containing no more than 10 pieces with great decorating potential.


Italian pottery - Handmade ceramics by L'Antica DerutaAlviero presented his works into National and International Fairs obtaining an immediate success.  Since then, L’Antica Deruta’s pieces have been listed in the most important stores in the world.


Deruta’s contemporary ceramics owe a lot to Alviero Moretti’s passion for experimentation. In the 80’s he had the idea to invite the most famous Italian painters and sculptors. Artists like Guttuso, Bueno, Cesetti, Bacosi, Mastroianni, Portoghesi, D’Arcevia accepted the challenge and created art pieces, using innovative and sometimes experimental techniques.
The result is an extraordinary Contemporary Art ceramics collection now located in the Moretti Foundation in Deruta.
L’Antica Deruta is now run by Giorgio and Camilla Moretti, Alviero’s son and daughter.