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Handmade Italian pottery - Geometric collection by Eugenio Ricciarelli, Deruta

Eugenio Ricciarelli’s creative vein appears to be inexhaustible: to date his geometric tableware collection consists of 32 original patterns.

The classico tableware and kitchenware designs, marked with “E”, are available in a band or a full decoration. His semplice tableware and kitchenware designs, marked with “S”, are only available in a band decoration. Mix and match Eugenio’s patterns to create a unique geometric  pottery collection. 

Product availability
: if not in stock, Ricciarelli’s pottery is available in 4/6 weeks.
Product information: all Ricciarelli’s ceramics we present are food safe, in compliance with FDA regulations.

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Know more about Eugenio Ricciarelli

Deruta pottery - Geometric apothecary jar by Eugenio RicciarelliIt’s always difficult to write about a friend. One never knows where to start from. We’ve decided to start from Eugenio as a person. Then we’ll talk about him as an artist.
Eugenio is the most generous person you can imagine, devoted to his art, his family and his many friends, with whom he enjoys hiking in the woods surrounding Deruta and managing the local soccer team.


The first time we approached him it was on the phone. We told him we wanted some of his pieces and he said: “I’m sorry. I have enough to live with”. We decided to go and meet him personally. We discovered that he does all by himself, helped only by his family. That’s why he cannot accept more clients. Somehow, though, we won his favour and ... we became close friends and eventually started doing business together. 


Handmade Italian pottery - Eugenio Ricciarelli in his workshop, DerutaBut being a special person is not the only quality Eugenio is gifted with. Born in a family where ceramic painting was neither a job nor a passion, he has built his reputation from scratch. He was lucky, though. His natural talent as a ceramic painter was discovered and nurtured by some of the most skilled ceramic artists in Deruta, such as Folichetti, Buccini, Ranieri. He spent many years working in Franco Mari’s factory, where he developed and refined his personal interpretation of the Renaissance geometric decorations.


Deruta pottery - Geometric pattern by Eugenio RicciarelliTwenty  years ago he set up his own atelier, where he works with the help of his sister in law and his niece. Time has stopped in Eugenio’s lab. While listening to an old radio, he paints all his designs with a free, easy going hand. He pays the greatest attention to colour shades, which turn any piece into a masterpiece.
His full, glossy and velvet like blue background is very distinctive, like his colourful patterns, which are widely imitated, but never equalled.