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Italian pottery by Ceramiche Rampini, Gubbio

The Rampini’s style is very unique. Working on Gubbio traditional Renaissance colours, designs and shapes, they  developed a proprietary technique, which results in patterns ”raise” over the background.  
Alas, the “third dimension” of Rampini’s Rinascimento tableware and ornamental pottery is quite hard to capture in pictures. However we’re confident that their beauty will be enough to catch your eye and their look and feel will be the added benefit in your decoration plans.

Product availability: if not in stock, Rampini’s pottery is available in 6/8 weeks.
Product information: all the Rampini’s ceramics we present are food safe, in compliance with FDA regulations.

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Know more about Ceramiche Rampini

Italian ceramics - Wall plate details by Ceramiche RampiniStarted in 1954 by Pietro Rampini, the Bottega Artigiana Rampini is presently run by the founder’s son Giampietro and his wife Rossana.


Sometimes talent and passion dilute as generations go by. Not in this case! Giampietro is really passionate about his art and proud to be a ceramista. He has grown up among brushes and colours, learning to paint much sooner than to write. He owns a rich collection of art books, mostly dealing with ceramics styles and history and art in general, which he loves to discuss.


Italian pottery - Giampietro and Rossana Rampini in their workshop

His favourite customer is the one who challenges his skills. “The real artisan – he says – is the one who listens to his customer andapplies his talent to deliver what the client needs”. We agree with him. After all, the greatest Italian Art masterpieces were commissioned by popes and noblemen to renowned artisans… Including the Sistine Chapel.


The Rampini’s style is very distinctive: using the typical Gubbio Renaissance colours, design and shapes he developed a personal technique which make the pattern ”raise” over the background.